Clay Sculpture Demonstrations

Clay Demonstrations and Tutorials

Panther Clay Sculpture Demo:

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A large, full figure panther sculpture:
  1. Sculpting a Clay Panther
  2. Preparing for Firing
  3. The Unfired Panther Sculpture
  4. Firing the Clay Sculpture
  5. Building a Wooden Base
  6. Fixing a Broken Sculpture p.1
  7. Fixing a Broken Sculpture p.2
  8. Adding the Base
Horse Clay Sculpture Demonstration:

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Artwork | Demo
A small horse head sculpture. This clay sculpture needs no armature, just newspaper.
  1. Building a Quick Newspaper Armature
  2. Sculpting the Details
  3. The Unfired Horse Sculpture
Relative Measurements of the Horse and Creating a Larger Horse Sculpture

More Clay Sculpture Tutorials:
  1. Lidded Clay Box Demo
  2. Building a Light Booth for Better Images

The Clay Medium

There are many reasons to choose clay as a medium:

One of the most important reasons is the clay medium's durability - there are many examples of ceramic / clay sculptures lasting for hundreds, sometimes thousands of years. In its fired form, clay is very durable, and when kept in a home environment can be passed down generation after generation.
  • There are many options to choose from for finishing ceramic artworks.
  • There are different glazing options, such as regular kiln-fired glazes, raku glazes, metallic glaze accents (such as gold), and others.
  • There's the option of using terra cotta clay and either covering it with a clear coat glaze or leaving it unfinished
  • Jen's finishing technique incorporates a 4-step process using paint, metallic pigments, and non-fired glazes. For more information on Jen's technique and other clay finishes, visit the Clay Finishes page.

More info about working with water-based clays:

Looking to Buy, Build, or Repair a Kiln? Kilns are a big purchase for an artist, and selecting a kiln needs careful consideration. If you work from your home, you may have city ordinances in place that limit the size of your kiln.

Thinking about buying a used kiln? Know which questions to ask someone who is selling a used kiln, and which types of repairs are easy and which repairs you should stay away from. You can also find out why buying a new kiln may be your best option.

Already have a kiln? If you already own a kiln but need more information to get the most out of it, visit the kiln firing charts and orton cone charts page for tips on firing a kiln.


  1. I was surprised and pleased to find your site. I'm an artist and also love working with horses. I've been trying to promote my art on the web and wondered if it was even a possibility to combine my art and what I learn about working with horses on the same site. You have done it! It can be done.

    1. Thank you! The site is still a work in progress, hopefully it will just get better from here!