Thursday, July 9, 2015

Online Art Supplies and Making Artworks Affordable

Creating Your Artworks

Find Art Supplies Online

Before you create a website for your artwork, you should have a decent portfolio of solid, finished works of art. Here are some online / mail order sources for art supplies:
  • Amazon - I buy almost everything from Amazon - including art materials - from print cartridges to sketch books and everything in between
  • Blick Art Materials - I use Blick Art Materials a lot - very good source for art materials
  • Jerry's Art Supplies
  • Discount Art & Craft Supplies

Making Artworks Affordable

Creating Smaller Artworks So Everyone Can Enjoy Your Art

Original, one-of-a-kind artworks are wonderful, and many people like the idea of having an original work of art. However, not everyone is able, or willing, to shell out the money for such works. Smaller artworks, such as bookmarks, note cards, and even jewelry can make your artwork accessible to everyone.

Creating smaller artworks is a great way to build customer relations. Smaller purchases can often lead to larger purchases later on - either original works, or limited or open edition works.

Options for creating smaller 2-D works include making prints of your work using your own scanner / camera / printer, or hiring a company (such as VistaPrint, PrintPlace, etc.) to print them for you.

If you intend to create your own reproductions, a good image editor is mandatory.  Gimp is a wonderful (and free!) program with a high learning curve but lots of features.

Please leave comments below and contribute to the list of suppliers, editing programs, and any tips or tricks you may want to share!

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